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먼저, 관련 정보 링크입니다.

- rdesktop (
  Linux용 WTS 클라이언트

- LxA (
  Linux appliance construction set

- bootable ISO construction kit (

- Timo's rescue CD set (

- RedHat CD Kit (
  a set of scripts to make creating your own Red Hat-derived, bootable
installation CDs as easy as possible

- 2 disk Xwindow Linux
  디스켓 두 장으로 X 윈도우를 띄우자

- Linux Progress Patch (
  리눅스 커널 부팅을 Windows처럼 그림배경으로

그리고 Clunix Client Configuration Protocol (가칭 CCCP or C3P)에 대한 설명입니다.

- What is CCCP?
저장매체가 없는 클라이언트에게 재부팅시에도 일정한 네트워크 구성 정보를 할당하
는 메커니즘을 위한 프로토콜  클라이언트 정보를 저장하는 서버의 존재를 가정으로

- 용어
  CCCP client : diskless client에서 수행되는 프로그램
  CCCP server: CCCP 정보를 관리하고 클라이언트에게 전달하는 프로그램

- 알고리즘

(1) client broadcast DHCP request
(2) DHCP server randomly assign CCCP class (predefined) IP to the requesting
(3) client setup network & send CCCP request (LOOKUP MyMAC) to the DHCP
(4) unpon receiving the request, the server either
   (4-1) find the MAC from repository and reply with (FOUND ClientIP ClientID)
   (4-2) can't find the MAC and reply with (NOTFOUND)
(5) upon receiving the reply, the client either
   (5-1) FOUND => reassign client IP address and client ID. All done
   (5-2) NOTFOUND => popup window and input client information from admin.
continue to Step 6
(6) If the client received NOTFOUND and got client info from admin, client sends
   (SAVE MyMAC ClientIP ClientID)
(7) upon receiving SAVE request, the server saves the information and reply with
(8) upon receiving SUCCESS reply, the client reassign client info. All done

- 그밖에

CCCP를 확장하여 LBless 지원

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