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Quick install guide for LAMMPS on Linux cluster

This is a quick installation guide for LAMMS 10 May 2010 version for Linux cluster and it can be done within 1 hours if you follow this carefully.


Intel® Xeon® CPU X5560 @ 2.80GHz
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 (Tikanga) 2.6.18-164.11.1.el5
Intel compiler and MPI stack
mpiicc for the Intel® MPI Library 4.0 for Linux*
Copyright© 2003-2010, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
Version 11.1


Download these 2 files and untar them, respectively.

- fftw-2.1.5.tar.gz – lammps.tar.gz (lib for LAMMPS, LAMMPS itself)


In a nutshell, installation procedure consists of 3 steps; (1)FFTW, (2)libs for LAMMPS, (3)LAMMPS itself. And if you use mpiicc and mpiifort, then you don’t have to worry about the PATH of MPI package and it will be taken care of automatically.


Even though the latest version of FFTW is 3.2.2, but, unfortunately, LAMMS can not work with it. You better stick to 2.1.5 for now. And I assume you’re installing it at /usr/local/fftw-2.1.5 directory.

After uncompressing it,

cd fftw-2.1.5
./configure CC=mpiicc F77=mpiifort —prefix=/usr/local/fftw-2.1.5
make check
make install

(2)libs for LAMMPS

After uncompressing lammps.tar.gz,(actually, libs for LAMMPS is part of lammps.tar.gz)

cd lib/reax
Change ifort to mpiifort in Makefile.ifort
make -f Makefile.ifort

cd lib/meam
Change ifort to mpiifort in Makefile.ifort
make -f Makefile.ifort

cd lib/poems
Change icc to mpiicc in Makefile.icc
make -f Makefile.icc

cd src

Check which packages are included
make package-status

Choose all standard packages to be included
make yes-standard

If you don’t have GPU, then exclude gpu package. Otherwise, you will see tons of error message when you compile it.
make no-gpu

Edit MAKE/Makefile.linux

Remove MPI_PATH,MPI_LIB, it will be taken care of by mpiicc, mpiifort #MPI_PATH = #MPI_LIB = -lmpich -lpthread

FFT_INC = -I/usr/local/fftw-2.1.5/include -DFFT_FFTW
FFT_PATH = -L/usr/local/fftw-2.1.5/lib
FFT_LIB = -lfftw

Build LAMMPS as an executable and library as well

make linux
make makelib
make -f Makefile.lib linux


I assume you’re installing lammps at /usr/local/lammps directory.

copy bench/ doc/ examples/ potentials/ README tools/ to /usr/local/lammps
copy all *.a to /usr/local/lammps/lib
copy lmp_linux to /usr/local/lammps/bin


Once you have gotten this far, just let user know lammps is available at /usr/local/lammps, then they know how to play around it.

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